Another day

Fml,, another day another tear falls
Another screaming for you in vain
Another wishing I could start over and try this again
I thought I had it figured out
But I don’t
I don’t have shit figured out
I could hurt myself so easily right now
Bleed the pain away
That sounds so peaceful
To watch the red slip through my fingers
Not like I’d try to stop it anyways
The poison fills my soul and there’s no room for me anymore
I lost myself in trying to find who I am
Now I am a shadow
A dark being who lurks in the darkness of yesteryears, days gone by
I am not only ruining myself but also the ones I love
But I do not love really
How can I when I’m filled with such hatred
Feelings of worthlessness and failures
Where is my moment?
When I can look at the mirror with clear eyes?
When I can stand up straight and look you in the eye?
I am an empty shell
A mortal damned to forever burn in this hell
Where I hear your voice but cannot find you
Take me away
I don’t care where but get me away from here
I yearn for sleep but it eludes me
When I forget to breathe you wake me
Why not let me go
Why keep me here
They don’t need me no one needs me
I have nothing to give
I am falling apart and the pieces are broken
There is no healing
Only waking to the familiar hell every single day
One day I will draw my last breath
And not care any more.
Until then I live in a fog
I cannot see the steps I stumble and fall and as hard as it is to get up I do
I need to stop now as it could be unhealthful
By me

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