Jealous of the nothing you now live in

Jealous of the nothing you now live in
The quiet noise of an empty room
The sweet appeal of a cold dark bed
No pillows to lay down my head
I wake each morning with a pounding in my head
Surprised that I’m not dead
Looking with blank stares at the clock
Waiting for you it never stops

Loving the night it’s the days I dread
Hearing your voice inside of my head
Smelling your scent as I pick up your clothes
Knowing there’s nowhere else I can go
Stealing your kiss while your fast asleep
Breathing your breath never breathed in so deep
Forget that I’m better with you gone
Now if I could just forget your song
You sang it up me while I Laid in the sand
You stroked my sun kissed skin with your left hand
You left me crying your name in vain
That moment you left has me going insane

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