Five minutes to write

I am letting go. I want to experience life in all it’s ups and downs, it’s tragic moments and its sweet rewards. I want to taste death on my lips and kiss it. Hold onto every memory and never forget. I will find my freedom from every regret that lures over me making me a prisoner to that which cannot be erased. I will fear nothing and fight the demons which haunt me in my dreams. I have walked through hell and came out un-singe, empowered to not fear the reaper. Death does not taunt me for I have experienced it through another’s eyes. I just want completeness and I can face tomorrow. You are out there somewhere. I will find you. You are looking for me to even though you do not realize how empty you are without me. But it is the difference between night and day. And I will show you beauty in a smile, love in a touch, comfort in an embrace. And life will be good.

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