Listening to you speak

I read what you write
Shed tears for you, you’ll never see
Wishing I could heal your heartache
Break your bonds and set you free.
You feel so all alone
Wonder if there’s anyone that cares
Your pain is very visible
You cannot hide it from their stares
Every word, every letter, every emotion that you pen
Opens up a wound to fester
Though your trying to repair
It helps so much to get it out
Clear your mind from every doubt
Just know I hear you when you spout
When you whisper when you shout
I absorb all your writings
Down to the very last lines
I understand what your feeling
I feel it all the time
I anticipate to see what thoughts you’ll share with me today
I wonder what is on your mind when in bed I lay
It’s a wonder you don’t know that your light it shines so bright
Lightens up a darkened soul
Like a star on a winters night

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