Prisoner of the night

I’m still here I’m still breathing
Barely notice the thoughts still teasing
Trying to peel another layer of my skin
Just to help the bitter poison sink in
Waiting watching the time just passing
Like there’s somebody I’m expecting
Truly is a hoax the thing I know about the most
Give me a glass I wanna make another toast
Here’s to the bad times
Here’s to the sad times
Times in my life when I didn’t give a damn times
Here’s to the past always has to be rehashed
Prisoner of the night but I’m not gonna let it last

I almost had you I could almost see
You were healing my heart but I couldn’t let it be
Forgot how to love forgot how to trust
Forgot how good being in your arms was
Now I’ve lost you I let you go
Now that your gone please say it isn’t so
Now I’m reaping all the demons I’ve sown
I’m lonely tonight if only I’d known

Being in your arms is where I wanna stay
Being in your heart I don’t want it any other way
Break these chains I wanna be set free
Break down these walls bring me back to me

Thanks for the times the good and the bad
Thanks for the nights you fell asleep in my bed
Thanks for the courage when i was scared
Thanks for holding me down when I was despaired
I didn’t mean to hurt you didn’t want to make you cry
Didn’t want to keep you down had to let you go to fly
So I guess this is it the end of our song
Something i knew was bound to happen all along

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