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Who do you want to see?
What do you want me to say?
Do you want the person I really am?
Or the one I pretend by day?

The one who wears a smile
And pretends everything’s alright
Who listens to your problems
And tells you it all will be just fine

I’ll never let them see the me that I keep lock inside.
Nor enter in my world where only darkness can reside
There’s no door for you to enter no windows to peek through
Only words of thoughts and feelings that I feel able to share with you.

People who I’ve never met can hear me without judge
If no one ever reads my words at least I got them out.
This right here, emotions in words, lets me open up a bit
give insight to the conscience that is fading out

Day after christmas

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Take the tree down
Turn off the lights
Ignore your phone calls
Not two times but thrice.

Painting the walls red remind me of the blood
That use to run out whenever I’d cut
I almost forgot, I almost smiled
I almost picked up the phone and dialed.

I quickly pushed end and turned off the phone
And went back to my life being alone
Cleaned my house top to bottom now there’s not much else to do
I guess ill get my art supplies out and pass a moment or two.

Picked up my charcoals
Sketched down your face
Lit a match on the corner
Watched it slowly erase.

Me and one of the kids I nanny 🙂