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Happy birthday to me

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on 12/29/2012 by Forever_Broken

Today is my birthday. Nothing different, nor new, just a block on the calendar waiting to be crossed off. Not with a pencil, but with a permanent marker. A reminder that it is gone. Cannot be erased and changed. As I draw near the end of of yet another year I think about the events and what I have done with time I have been allowed to have. I think with regret over wrong decisions and uneventful months that I have given a portion of my life to. Time, minutes seconds days weeks months that cannot be taken back. Bought or relived. I want this next year to be one full of giving full of memories that I relive in my mind for years to come. I want someone to think of their time with me in fondness. To envy the year wanting to make it last. I will engage this year and embrace every opportunity that comes my way. I will take chances without over thinking. I will overcome obstacles and leave them a stronger me. For this is my life. I will live it.