I let you go

Just to make it clear, not being able to tell you the truth doesn’t hurt you more than it does me. I think about it every day. I realize this and any regrets I have to live with are a daily reminder that I have a soul. For to sacrifice my happiness for yours is a gift that is more valuable than anything anyone you will ever meet could ever give. But I am certain you will meet another, someone who will make you happy. Happy enough to forget that I ever existed. Until the moment you hear my name. Then it will all come flooding back. The laughter, the way you felt when I kissed you, and you will be filled with an anger. The kind unquenchable with hate. The kind that only fades when you take your last breath. For you promised me the world. But you didn’t deliver and I didn’t have forever to wait. When you close your eyes for the last time, that is when you will understand. And realize the love I hold for you never faded, never failed you, it was reason for everything I did. Then and only then will your tarnished heart shine bright, brighter than the sun and you will once again be able to think of me and smile. For I have missed that smile more than you know. It’s always been the reason for the absence of mine.

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