Waiting for no one

She waited by the door, as if bound to some unknowing visitor, who would come and open the door and she would gladly welcome him home. But no one came. No one ever came. Yet every night she waited. Patiently as if she did not know the outcome of this never ending ritual. Sometimes she’d put on a pretty dress and fix her hair and make up. Sometimes she’d just wear her baggy sweats and an oversized T-shirt but there she would stand and wait. Until the darkness took its toll on her eyes and she’d slowly drift off to sleep.
To replay the same scenario in her mind. Effortlessly as she slipped into his arms and felt his embrace. As he pushed back the strands of hair to gently kiss her lips. When desire took hold and they were no longer separate beings but joined as close as any two could ever be. Not knowing where one started and another ended. That place is where she wanted to stay. Forever with him. Where no sorrow could enter, no tomorrow to worry about, no yesterday to cry over. Just here and now. It is beautiful here. But she’d wake up on the floor by the door and continue in her mundane life until sunset, where she’d wait once again for him. It was an illusion she couldn’t live without. For there she would find peace in an out of control world which was hers.

2 Responses to “Waiting for no one”

  1. You’re thoughts and writings are simply wonderful, Probably because I can tell they are from the heart.

    • I love writing. Especially since I can say what I want without judgement and the freedom to get out what’s in my mind without verbalizing it out loud. I appreciate your reading, it makes me feel not so alone. Thanx 🙂

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