Starting over again

You took the time to fix my heart
Picked up the pieces that shattered apart.
One by one you calmed my fears
Held me close as you wiped every tear.

I needed you, everyone could see
Plain as day, for everyone but me
He never held me like I was all he’d need
Not the way you did when we’d fall asleep

I was scared,confused,had nowhere to hide
Couldn’t let you see, turned truths into lies
Said I didn’t want you, that I didn’t care
I had to run away, didn’t matter where

You held on so long, you never turned back
Stopped the train, when I laid on the track
Made me smile, made me laugh
Made me feel whole, when I had only been half

Here alone I sit, with you always on my mind
Thinking of things I’d say if given the time
We were meant to meet, we were meant to love
Maybe your an angel, sent down from up above

I have to thank you with all that’s inside of me
For helping me forget the past, throw out all the debris
She’s the lucky one, the one you’ll sweep away
But I can’t turn time back,words I can’t unsay

You showed me the moon on a summers night
You stroked my hair underneath the sunlight
Softened my heart,which was complete contrite
Made me feel I was going to be alright

I hope you hate me, that I never cross your mind
That you only forward go and never rewind
I could never have made you happy, been everything you need
I don’t know how to stop this hurting,all I do is bleed

Never again will I taste your lips on mine
Or have your body on me entwined
I need to stop this, need to break away
But my hearts done beating, only decay

You made me forget him, how do I forget you?
I’m hanging off a ledge but no ones coming to rescue
I wanted to give you more but I just withdrew
Should’ve walked away guess I always knew

Your in my heart that’s where you’ll stay
Your on your next chapter your far away
I wish I could hold you just one more night
But you’d disappear with the morning light


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