I’m just a crumpled piece of paper lying here that you threw away
Never even read just tossed out like the garbage
You don’t even care enough to be brutally honest
Why can’t you see that all I want all I need is just a moment just a minute
I keep looking through my memories trying to find when there was nothing else I could do
When your eyes didn’t look at me anymore
When your heart didn’t skip a beat over me
You gave me hope just to break me down
You taught me to swim just to watch me drown
I’m paralyzed here trying to find me but I can only see us
I was there when you had nothing but some words and an empty promise
I still have your things in a drawer which is where they’ll stay
After all these days I can still smell you on it
If that’s all I have to remember if its all in the past then why can’t I give them back
Maybe I asked for too much
Maybe I let you in too deep
Showed the side of me I didn’t think you’d love
Maybe I was right all along
Knowing it would end so I should have kept it all in
I’ve asked I’ve begged lowered my self esteem and even screamed
Like a wall you don’t even recognize my voice
My tears don’t mean anything anymore
Running scared in my mind i have to get away from you
Your tearing me down you don’t understand how much power you have
Just to hear your breath I would call and hang up
Listen to your messages just to go to sleep
Pretend that you really meant it the words you said to me
Now the only times you hold me is in my dreams
Regrets reruns of the times we meant what we’d say
Walking through the woods just being together
Watching your eyes light up and seeing your smile
My minds a photo album looking at the pictures of you
When you slept in my arms how I wish I could stay
But with the rising of the sun you slowly fade away
Like a snowflake on my tongue you melted from my touch
Couldn’t keep you here even though I want it soo much
I hope sometimes I cross your mind
I wish I could say hello without saying goodbye
I think I’m stuck between here and there
I guess ill break these chains when you set me free
I was blind for so long but you let me see
And the beauty of you shown bright
I was afraid of the darkness
I didn’t want to go back here
I didn’t believe I could remain happy
I didn’t want to hurt again
I dug my own grave and climbed down in it
You made me strong and now I’m weak
I can barely walk I can barely speak

5 Responses to “02/03/13”

  1. So much hurt powerfully expressed.

  2. ❤ destroys. Eventually everything falls apart.
    Whether we want to express it, fact is…
    He doesn't care half as much as your heart is worth.
    Hindsight will prove this to be true, my dear.

    • I know 😦 I just keep thinking I can make my life what I want it to be. And I know I can’t. It is what it is,,

      • He chose it to be this way. Not you.
        He chooses to not allow you to speak, and silence wins this round.
        My darling, you WILL wake up one day and realize the truth. Time heals our wounds, but will create an empty cavity, for him.
        Regret comes later, when you’re healed, and karma bites him in his arse.

  3. again time will help, I just heard my soulmate, or at least I thought, is getting married. It hurts

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