Smiles erased have appeared again
My lips can taste their laughter
The sound escapes the prison walls
I can feel the ever afters.
Heart of stone, now made of clay
Pliable to your Hands
We fit together like a hand in glove
Like the waves upon the sand.
Curtains once closed, now open wide
The sun is shining through
I’ve walked for miles down this one lane road
Before I returned to you.
Letting go of troublesome burdens
Picking flowers in the snow
Icy waters have warmed my body
Now I’m ready to finally let go.
Decisions I couldn’t make before
Have become so crystal clear
Pain over pleasure was familiar to me
Comfortable with living in fear.
But despite it all you seem amused
And I still seem to catch your eye
And you whittle away at what’s left of me
Till you reach what I buried inside.
Questions I ask no longer need answered
And I don’t need a map to find home
Finishing first no longer matters
Ill follow wherever you roam.
This time regrets will live in the past
And they’ll rise to the surface no more
I don’t really care who is first or is last
I’m not going to start keeping score.
Just enjoying every moment
Fearing only time itself
Lingering promises quietly spoken
Finished chapters put back on the shelf.

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