Take Away My Pain

Take away my pain
Put hope in me again
The sun is shining brightly
But all I see is shadows
Closing in on me pulling me into darkness
Trying to escape but trapped in this madness
Hearing voices but I’m all alone
Feeling hands around my neck
Nervous chills all up my back
My body must know what’s coming next
Locking with chains things never to be opened
Tying in knots loose strings left undone
Paying for pleasure to pass the night quickly
Fighting lost battles that will never be won
Whispering things I never have spoken
Tiptoeing around so no one can hear
Pretending to sleep with my eyes wide open
Knowing the danger is soo very near
How to get away from these evils
that hold me
How do I turn from unhealthy existence
How can I find reason to turn life around
I want to forget, leave behind all the anger
But I’m just a pawn and its “check mate” right now
Make me believe there is something that’s coming
Tell me some lies if it’s all that you got
Throw away all your moral ambitions
And just help this poor soul that is lost.


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