She was an angel with a broken wing
You held her hand you heard her sing
You saw beyond the feathers on the ground
Made her feel like somehow she really belonged
You collected her tears when the diamonds fell
You held her up when she was falling to hell
She was your curse you were her savior
But nothing you did ever seemed to matter
For alone she sat on a distant cloud
Afraid of the height for she’d surely fall down
For wings don’t mend with time or care
And her eyes she cast down so to avoid all the stares
She wondered what it’d feel like to just let go
To hit the ground hard and not have to know
That she’d never fit in with the ones who could soar
Feel the breeze on her face or to land on the shore
So she cut off her wings and as her blood poured
She was thankful to not have to wake anymore


3 Responses to “Angel”

  1. dulzimordash Says:

    Reblogged this on Spontaneous Creativity.

  2. heartbreakingly beautiful

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