Something my brother wrote when my husband died

I don’t in any way step on people’s personal rights to believe or not to believe in what they want. I just wanted to share this because I read it today and am impulsive I guess, lol

You have to click on the red july2008 below to read


4 Responses to “Something my brother wrote when my husband died”

  1. How very emotional

  2. jessecarias23 Says:

    Looking through your blog I could not help but to notice the title to this posting. In my mind it was like a loud sound that I had never before had experience, and I want to share so many thoughts with you but cannot. I want to say that I am sorry for your great loss of life, then again I would love to hear more of your feelings towards this specific topic!

  3. … and now nothing can ever be resolved. I am so sorry.

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