Unanswered calls

I do not call
Nor do I answer
Give no reason
For this behavior
Walked away
No chance I’ll look back
Moving forward
Put you in the past
Waste no tears
Though they may free you
From all the pain
I’m bound to put on you
Demons aren’t haunting
Allowed to entered
The burden was too great
Needed released from the fetters
I’m nothing but ashes
Just dust to dust
Lying lips will deceive
Empty heart will corrupt
Even though I am breathing
It is never enough
To relieve the empty feeling
Or replace what is lost
Dangerously close
Writing letters of goodbye
But the numbness overwhelms
There are no tears in my eyes
Questions you’ll never get to ask
No lingering hug no last request
Pray if you must
but God has turned his back
I can’t improvise
The strength that I lack
You have your life
And it’s good so you say
You could never comprehend
Could not live mine
Not a single day
I make it look easy
Put on a phony smile
If you knew me at all
You’d see behind the lies
And I’m tired
of all this pretense
I cannot carry on
this facade of semblance
Words on a page
They don’t even have a chance
Forgot who I am
Just a desperate amnesiac
How do I fix
What goes on in my mind
These words I am writing
Sound like my own demise
I don’t want to continue
But I’m lost and it’s dark
I call for help
But no one answers
I don’t know how to start

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  1. How can I help?

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