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Just Another Birthday

Posted in feelings of a btoken heart, poetry,personal writing, Uncategorized with tags , on 12/19/2012 by Forever_Broken

no candles to blow out,no presents to open,no song for my ears,although theyre wide open
no smile on my face,no love in my heart ,no hand to hold mine although my fingers are spread apart
its raining outside,its a cold,dark night,,and once again im starting to cry
I hate this new me,I hate my new life,and sometimes i wish that I would just die
you know I would join you if it wasnt for them,,be there in a heartbeat and have no regrets
theres nothing without you yes,nothing at all,,since your not here to catch me all I do is fall
darkess surrounds me lonliness haunts me sleep eludes me time binds me
hurry up now,why are the days soo long,why when i care does the sand barely fall?
if only i could wake up from this sick twisted dream,see the sun shining be back to me
id love you til forever,still i promise you that there will never be anyone worth more to me than you
i realise i have problems but theres not a pill for me to make me feel all better im forever broken dont you see
i think ill just go to sleep and dream of you instead ,every minute that passes im closer to the edge
im not afraid to fall off,hell ill run and jump,take the plunge and go head first and meet you at the end
if your reading this then you know its not for you,and im probably already there,wherever it is where dreams come true
so dont you cry for me,im not in any pain,im reunited with my love and wouldnt have it any other way.
im sure your gonna miss me,i would miss me too (lmao)but im looking down and coming around to see my babies too
Ill let you know I with you,I will definately give you a sign,and I dont care what mom or dad thinks, ill come back to tell you bye
i would never leave you hanging,he comes to me at times,sais my name,in my dreams,and when i sit and cry
gives me peace when i am lonely,gives me strength to carry on,gives me hope for tomorrow
gives me a shoulder to lean on
i be there in yur flowers,plant some white ones just for me,Ill help them grow and then youll know i think that will make you happy,
flowers from heaven,thats a thought,ive already planted a few,and the life we built has still stood strong,its all because of you.I miss you when im sleeping,even more when im awake,but theres never ever a moment when I cannot see your face.