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Posted in poetry,personal writing with tags , , , , , , , , on 03/06/2013 by Forever_Broken

Tell me now that you know
Dressed myself up to shine
I’m not sure i feel
Things I can explain
How can you be the one that was lost
While I’m the one that needs found
These words I toss at you aren’t easy on the ear
This beat of my heart isn’t easy to hear
Threw a curve ball that you didn’t see coming
You can’t steal my love It has to be given
Something inside is trying to get out
Heard my whisper but were deaf to my shouts
Tore up inside scars on my wrists
Blood freely flowed now only drips
Losing this battle but winning the war
Wanted something beautiful but only got gore
Drifting to where you and I collide
Believing all the promises I knew were only lies
Using the bitter when I wanted something sweet
You will never make me complete
Turned away but came back to the fire
Been burned to the core but I just want more
Something about you fills me with desire
I cannot resist you must have conspired
Put me back where you found me
Erase these memories of you
Release this blindfold for I cannot see
Falling for every single thing you do
Trudging through quicksand
Pulling me deeper deeper down
Into your love where I’m destined to drown
It feels familiar but I haven’t known you long
Like I know the words but haven’t heard the song