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Taking a break

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I am going to take a break from writing for a little bit, I feel i have indulged too much of myself and i am uncomfortable opening up to the thoughts and feelings that some may view as weird or just insane. Not that i care what people think of me. I am who I am but I will still write in my journal just not post for a bit. I having a rough time as I have for years now but it’s escalating and I don’t know How much words will be interpreted. I appreciate the comments they really mean a lot to me. Ill be back soon but I just wanted to leave you with a quote:



Endlessly awake

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Insomnia makes you feel so detached from the world.
It’s a weird lonely bubble that I can’t leave, but no one else can enter. And I’m trapped there all night until society deems it acceptable for people to be awake again.
It pops when it gets to morning, and I fall back into the normal world. But I’m left disorientated and unable to fit back in, constantly feeling dazed and wrong, watching everyone else get on with life.
And then nighttime comes and I’m relegated once again to a solitary confinement where I’m forced to stay conscious. Just me, myself and a sad brain, too tired to form either coherent or positive thoughts.