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Just one night

Posted in poetry,personal writing with tags , , , , , , on 08/11/2013 by Forever_Broken

I want to see you tonight
Not in a dream or memory
I want to touch your body
Feel your skin one more time
And I don’t care if you use me
Throw me away in the morning
I can’t sleep
Your all i think about
There’s an emptiness inside
That only you can fill
I’m ashamed of what you turned me into
You left pieces out of place
No one understands the puzzle
Your perfection only,this pain can erase
Trespass upon my private soul
I let no one in I let no one know
Being alone is easy to do
When the only one I ever
Wanted was you
Stop my persuasions
Change for me not
What happened between us
Does not matter
I’ve accepted my lot
Intentionally unlocked
Please make this stop
Reason with this one track mind
Doing everything against the grind
Running towards the warning sign
I don’t care about anything right now
I just want you to tell me how
I can get to you
What’s left of you
Is there any part of you
That misses my body
Did you forget completely
Unwind my foolish desires
Shoot down my hopes like a disease
Tie up these unleashed raw emotions
Bury deep all of these needs


I just want

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I just want that feeling of relief I use to get when you wrapped your arms around me.Where can i run when hell is in my head?I’m trying to do what’s best for you and you won’t let me. just let me.With a few well-placed sentences, I can go from tired to tearful.
I wish I had a better control on my emotions.
I wish I was less of a wreck.I feel like everyone expects too much out of me.
I’m under so much pressure to be someone I just can’t be.
I just can’t do this anymore.
I’m so fucking sick of disappointing people… I’m sick of it!
Please… please don’t expect so much out of me.
I promise I’m going to fail.What if you compares me to her, or anyone really? I can’t compete… they’ll win.. and me? I’ll lose…. everything.The one person i want so desperately because you make me laugh & smile and forget about all my troubles and give me this feeling that no one else has on me but i can’t have you.
i miss you like hell, and it fucking sucks.I’m freezing cold and I can’t sleep.Realizing that I’ll never be better or more attractive than any of your exes, ever.Realizing that death is harder than it seems.Remembering every fucking shitty thing about myself so my self esteem rapidly spirals downward.not good enough for you in any way and never will be..Some people are afraid of not being good enough for other people. But the worst feeling is knowing I’ll never be good enough for myself. Because that’s when I start to become my own worst enemy.