Whisper in my ear
Tell me all your secrets
Don’t be afraid to let me hear
Pull the skeletons out of your closets

Look me in the eye
Let me see deep into your soul
Every part do not deny
Let go of self control

Give all your tears to me
Let me drink them slowly in
Ill take the burden off your back
Ill forgive your every sin

Undress yourself in front of me
Slowly peel off every layer
Don’t shy away I want to see
Your beauty’s uncomparable

Open your heart unlock every part
Withhold not a beat from me
Bound by your essence I cannot depart
Nothing I do will change anything

Give me your love don’t leave me empty handed
I’m running in circles trying to find the proof
All the while, I find myself stranded
Don’t want to have to face the truth

So wont you please just whisper in my ear

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