Wanting more


I want more. To be beautiful. To look in a mirror and be satisfied. Maybe if I go on a zero calorie diet I can achieve some sense of self acceptance. I never feel good enough. Not just in life but in physical appearance which is trite to most but confidence is something that was taken away from me years ago and again recently.


I want someone to love and to love me through it all. Like my grandparents who are 92 and 90. Been married 70 years. My grandma (nana) has Alzheimer’s and my (pop pop) and been by her side daily. I want that. I would trade my eternal destiny, my entire soul, to find someone who adores me. The real me, faults and all. And there’s plenty of those, lmfao 🙂 so here is a pic of what I believe and wish everyone could have. COMMITMENT.



2 Responses to “Wanting more”

  1. jessecarias23 Says:

    How beautiful! Keep your hopes up there are many like you, including me, that are searching for that thing called LOVE!

  2. Confidence shaken is difficult to return to stability. But here’s the secret…..confidence, like beauty, shines from within toward the outside. Take a gemstone for example, most people would see a diamonf in the rough as just another rock, but the diamond is inside ready to glow.

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